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There’s more to the Story

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I certainly wasn’t expecting the response I got from yesterday’s post! I honestly didn’t think many new readers would see it — that it would mostly be read by those who know me and know my story. But as of today over 5,000 people have read that post and I’ve been getting a lot of very sweet feedback and encouragement. I feel like I owe those of you who are new to my blog a bit of an explanation…

Yesterday’s post was written by memory. It’s a memory that will never go away, but a memory still. I am not in that place of despair any longer and I haven’t been for awhile. God has done amazing things in my life and allowed me to find a new path. I shared how it felt to be in the hardest parts of our infertility journey because so many women are there right now — or will be soon. I wrote it to bring awareness and compassion to those around us.

I’ve received some messages offering fertility advice, the advice to consider adoption, advice to consider that God might have a different plan, advice to consider surrogacy, and a lot of sympathy. To those of you who have sent those messages – thank you for your concern… but please keep reading!

First, if you haven’t experienced infertility please do not offer any advice to anyone who is experiencing this journey. It’s highly personal and all any woman needs is love and support – not advice.

Second – I was able to see God’s plan for my life was a little different than I expected years ago. I am so thankful that I was able to turn over my plans to him because the result was a whole lot of peace and even more joy. Everyone gets there at their own pace though, so be sensitive to those still walking the rocky paths and don’t push them faster than they’re ready to go.

Third – I may have giggled a bit at the adoption comments. If you look to my menu bar you might see why. You see, we did consider adoption… years ago… and we jumped in with both feet! I have two gorgeous children from Ethiopia who bring life so much, well, life!

Those of you who have been reading for a while know my story, my heart, and my voice. You know that I am not in that pit of despair and that God has brought me through rough waters to the other side. But those of you who stopped by for the first time yesterday couldn’t have known that unless you browsed through the blog a bit more.

This post is for you new readers – I want you to know the whole story and I want you to see the redemption that God wrote. I want you to see the hope and the joy. I want you to see that beauty God gives for ashes. Here are a few posts to get you better acquainted with where I am in life now…

Read When God Rewrites Your Story, and Of course, you can always check out my About Me page. I hope you’ll take the time to read through the posts and see how the story ends… or rather, begins.

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