Lauren casper headshot
Lauren casper headshot


Hello, I’m Lauren.


I am an essayist and author. I’m also a wife, mom, and amateur baker.

I like to weave personal storytelling by writing about loss, hope, faith issues, social justice, and being a good neighbor in a messed-up world. My first book, It’s Okay About It: Lessons from a Remarkable Five-Year-Old About Living Life Wide Open, was released in 2017 by Thomas Nelson. My second book was released in February 2020.

I began blogging in 2009

It started as a creative outlet during a tough season of life as my husband and I moved through years of infertility, graduate school, chronic illness, multiple surgeries, and two moves. In 2014 I wrote about a special encounter with a cashier at Trader Joe’s that went viral. I met her again when Rachael Ray had us on her show to talk about what the experience meant to us. Since then, I’ve written for the TODAY Show Parenting Team, The Huffington Post, and The Mighty and appeared on Buzzfeed, Yahoo! News, Scary Mommy, Sesame Street, and more. In 2018 I “retired” from blogging and now focus on writing books, my monthly newsletter “notes from the neighborhood“, and occasional essays published elsewhere.

My most precious moments are those spent with my family.

I love baking with my daughter and making our cakes as beautiful as they are delicious. On any evening, you can find me marveling over my son’s latest Lego creation or gathered around the table engaged in a lively game of Monopoly. I also enjoy tackling various DIY projects around the house.  I live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with my husband, two children, and one fluffy dog who likes to bark at the mail carrier.

My “Professional” Bio

Lauren Casper, author of Loving Well in a Broken World and It’s Okay About It, is a writer, speaker, and advocate. Lauren’s essays, known for their vulnerability and personal story-telling style, have appeared on The Huffington Post, the TODAY show, Yahoo! News, and several other publications.

Lauren serves on her local Community Anti-Racism Effort board, a non-profit dedicated to working toward an inclusive and equitable community. She lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her husband, two children, and one fluffy dog.