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These are some of the things that bring me joy, help me grow, or assist in life moving along a little more smoothly. They are not must-haves, they are “nice-to-haves.” The only true needs on earth are each other, food + water, and shelter. If we have more than that, it is a privilege.

I also want you to know that everything listed here is something I own and use. The books are some of my all time favorites, the “for the home” items are things I’ve carefully chosen for our own home – same goes for the kitchen items. The recipes are in our rotation on a biweekly basis and the wardrobe items are some of my daily wear staples. In the “for the kids” section you’ll find things that either make my life easier (bento boxes!), books we absolutely love and return to over and over, and toys and other things that have been personal favorite of my little ones.



tshbook        danishly      othersuns      bird       little women       ann       tidy       mrrogers


 For the Home

graychair       lamp       basket       pottedjade


For the Kitchen

coffeemaker       ramekins       dishsoap       cutting boards


For the Kids

jesusstorybook       sleeping bag       bento       thomas



riceandbeans       tacos       chicken       shrimp



shoes       swing dress       shirt       pajamas

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