When things get hard or uncertain or a bit stressful I tend to clam up and turn inward. If I don’t know how to deal or what the outcome will be I just keep my silence until I have it figured out. Life has been odd lately. It’s a strange mix of really really really good, and then really really really hard. Most of you know that we moved a few months ago. The kids have been amazing. We love our community and have made some incredible new friends. You know how there are some people that you just instantly connect with and it’s like you’ve been friends for a decade? That’s what we’re finding right and left. It’s been wonderful for our hearts. And then there’s John’s job and the ministry… again, just wonderful. He loves every bit of it and we love being a part of it with him.

But there’s been one thing since our move that has been increasing difficult to the point of almost unbearable – our living situation. I don’t think it’s wise at this point (if ever) to share much online. But we’ve been struggling in this area. It’s hard not to feel “had” or taken advantage of in a big way. We’ve had to make some hard decisions in the face of a lot of unknowns. And when there are any unknowns I bolt up the doors, draw the shades, and hunker down until I’ve got it figured out… usually.

There’s nothing quite like feeling convicted during a Sunday morning sermon given by your own husband. I tell you. But it’s special and I’m so proud of the man who chose me. What did Jesus do when faced with the most difficult thing in the history of ever? As John shared Sunday, 6 things:

  • He chose some close friends to be with him (Matt. 26:37)
  • He opened up his soul to them (v.38)
  • He asked for their intersession and partnership (v.38)
  • He poured out his heart to his Father in prayer (v.39)
  • He rested his soul in the sovereign wisdom of God (v.39)
  • He focused his gaze on the future joy waiting for him (Heb 12:2)


I realized I had the first four points down. I had shared our struggle with our families and a few very close friends who have been praying for us and supporting us. It’s been so incredible to be loved so well. I’ve been praying about this on my own, every day, often every hour! But I hadn’t been resting in the will of God and I hadn’t been focusing on the fact that no matter what… no matter our circumstances… I will yet praise Him!

So rather than put life on hold while things are tough, we are moving forward, trusting God, and preparing to praise Him for the joy set before us. And for those of you Created for Care gals, I’ll put it in terms you’ll understand…. I’m packing my tambourine!!! 

So, as silly as this might seem, for me this looks like being creative and embracing the new season and that Spring has come again… after a long hard winter. Yesterday I grabbed a can of white spray paint, some glass bottles, and a few fresh flowers and made something pretty.


And we’ve been outdoors more than ever enjoying the warmth and dirt and sunshine. There’s nothing sweeter than flushed sweaty toddlers at the end of the day… with dirt on their feet and smiles on their faces.



And we’ve been getting out and about meeting new friends and having all sorts of adventures. Two weekends ago we saw a sign for a “High Five for Autism” event, so we just showed up to see what it was all about. We ended up having a blast watching a flag football tournament, watching the kids play in the bounce house, draw with chalk, blow bubbles, and even give a high five to the big chic fil a cow!



And I’m fairly certain the kids think their Daddy has the coolest job ever… and the coolest work outfit ever… and the coolest place to go to work ever. The reason I feel so sure about this is the fact that they ask to go to VMI every single day about 30 times a day. Really. And I’m so grateful for all the fun being a VMI family brings. I mean, we get to watch helicopters land on the parade ground, parades every single Friday afternoon, big beautiful flags whipping in the wind, and so much more.




… and sometimes an excited little boy gets to bring up the rear and bang his chest to the beat of the drums while marching right beside his Daddy.

  • Megan - I’m so glad you went to the High Five for Autism!

    My goodness, you make me long for Lexington. I love your photos.

    I hope your living situation gets better :) ReplyCancel

    • Lauren - I wish you still lived here Megan!! Things are going to get MUCH better on Friday… we’re moving to a different house. ;) ReplyCancel

  • Galen - I love reading your blog. Your children are absolutely beautiful. I’m praying for you and your family, Lauren.ReplyCancel

    • Lauren - Thank you so much Galen!! I’m partial to the kids as well. ;) Thank you for your prayers!! xoxoReplyCancel

  • Amy - Wonderful photos Lauren!
    Once you are settled again it’s going to be great :) ReplyCancel

    • Lauren - you’re right mom! two more days … ;) ReplyCancel

  • Sarah-Anne - Oh Lauren,thank you so much for sharing your heart. I continue to be so blessed and encouraged by what you share. And THANK YOU for sharing those six points from your beloved’s sermon!!! I am appreciating pondering them. I continue to struggle with if/what to share on my blog…hard to strike that balance of how much and what…and yet you share so beautifully.

    I am keeping your precious family in my prayers. Sending love to you, sweet friend.

    ps – and ohhhhhhhh, how I wish we lived in Lexington or on post. What an awesome place to be with your family! And what fond memories we have of VMI. xoxoxoReplyCancel

  • Alison - Love keeping up with your sweet family! Will you do a hair tutorial post one day on the adorable hair style that Arsema has in? Love the braids into the puff! So precious!!!ReplyCancel

  • wynne - i love this friend! i know now how to pray for you more specifically. and i’m with you – instead of wallowing lately i’ve been spray painting too! hilarious ;) love that tostoy quote! and love YOU!ReplyCancel

Yesterday I put my little online shop out there as I created a facebook page for it and started adding the new products I’ve been working on for a few weeks now — flour sack dish towels! I love flour sack towels because they are so large and I like the crisp white fabric. But, I wanted to add a little something to brighten up our kitchen and had the idea to get some really bright cotton and sew some fun designs on the towels. It was one of those rare occasions when something turned out exactly as I’d pictured it in my head! 

To celebrate my new facebook page and shop I’m going to have a giveaway later on today ON FACEBOOK! So be sure to head over and like the page so you don’t miss out!