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A while ago I posted a status on my facebook page explaining that it was difficult for me to answer all my emails, but if my readers had any burning questions to ask me they could do so in the comments or by email and I would create a video answering them all. Well. Apparently making videos is not my thing right now because every time I tried to make the video I never got past the first question and had already been talking for over 15 minutes! So instead I came up with the idea to add this tab to my website – the “Ask Lauren” section. As your questions come in I will answer them by writing a whole blog post about that topic and file all those links here in one easy to find location. You can use the comment form at the bottom of this page to submit your questions and then keep checking back on the site and the facebook page to see if yours has been answered! I’m really excited to be able to connect with you all this way. Thank you so much for reading and caring about our story.



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