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I’m Lauren. I struggle to know what to put here because I don’t really know what you want to know about me. These are the questions I imagine you have: What am I like? How do I spend my time? What inspires and excites me? What drives me?

I’m an introvert who loves people. Home is my happy place. Home, the couch, sweats, a blanket, something yummy, someone to snuggle. I’m getting the warm fuzzies.

I spend most of my time taking care of my two beautiful children. I am incredibly blessed to be able to work from home and spend my days with the kids. We start our mornings early and play on the floor with trains and baby dolls a lot. I’ve seen Tangled, Frozen, and every Thomas the Tank Engine episode you can imagine about six thousand times.

I love music, all kinds. I love to read but don’t get the chance nearly as much as I used to since the kids are getting a bit more active. I love to write, too, and spend most of my “free” time writing blog posts, contributing articles, and working on my first book (set to release May 2, 2017.)

I like art, and making my home pretty. I’ve been known to buy a can of white paint and just go to town on the furniture while John is away at work. He comes home and it’s “Surprise! The coffee tables are white now!” My favorite is when everything is clean and tidy and organized – and a candle is making my home smell amazing. Fixer Upper is my jam (isn’t it everybody’s?)

I get excited about new projects and adventures. I don’t mind change and sometimes I crave it. I’d guess that comes from growing up in a military home where change is inevitable and you either fight it or embrace it… we did the latter. I’m inspired by a lot of things: a beautiful day, the kindness of others, music, art, my kids, history, and people who are brave.

I’ve been through some stuff in my 30+ years of life, but who hasn’t? It’s the struggles and suffering that have taught me how to live and love well. I think I’m most driven by the thought that we only have a short while here on earth, and it can be pretty hard down here sometimes, but we can use what we learn in those trials to point others to the hope found in Jesus. I’m all about grace and compassion – even when your nerves have been so tried by someone who just won’t quit. None of us deserve it – we all need it.

I think being married is pretty awesome. It’s not perfect – but it is wonderful. My husband describes marriage (especially the first year or so) as a continual slumber party with your best friend. I love when he gets home at the end of the day, and as much as I love my children, some of my favorite moments are when they go to sleep and it’s just me and John talking on the couch or snuggling together while we watch a movie. I picked a good one and I’m thankful he decided to pick me too.

I love watching my children grow and learn and experience life. The joy they bring my heart is indescribable and I don’t take the gift of motherhood for granted for one second… because I was so close to missing out on it all together. 11 years of infertility and two miscarriages have taught me that life is precious and motherhood is a privilege.

My friend Andrea started a ministry in 2010 and a two years later asked me to join the Created for Care team to minister to adoptive and foster families. I couldn’t say yes fast enough, and for the last four years I’ve been serving as a speaker and team member for this ministry that exists to equip and encourage adoptive and foster moms.

I co-founded a ministry with three of my friends called The Carry Camp because I believe we’re here to help carry each other’s burdens and love one another well. We serve women struggling with infertility because we noticed through our own experience and listening to other women that there was a gaping hole in this area of ministry. I think it’s a beautiful thing when God uses our deepest hurts to bring other people hope.

I wrote an e- book,  How To Fund Your Adoption: Dispelling the Myth That You Can’t Afford to Adopt because I get asked all the time how we managed to afford two international adoptions on a pastor’s salary. Yes, adoption is expensive. But it’s entirely possible to fund your adoption in a reasonable amount of time without losing your mind or going into debt.

If you want to know more find me on facebook , twitter, and instagram!

You can also find me contributing regularly to  The Today Show and The Huffington Post.

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