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Five Gifts that Give Back


Each year my mom purchases stuffed animals for my children from the World Wildlife Fund. Not only dothey get a cute new snuggle buddy, but they also learn about their animal, and my mom’s purchase goes toward protection that animal and it’s habitat. It’s a favorite gift each year (as you can see from the sweet photos above, taken two Christmases ago) and so far we’ve collected the Red Panda, Slow Loris, Koala African Elephant, Orangutan, and Ocelot.
Here are five more gifts that give back to worthy causes:

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Sevenly gifted me this Love Completes the Puzzle shirt and I adore it. Not only is the message one I believe with my whole heart, but the design is pretty and $7 from every shirt purchase goes to providing advancement resources through the Autism Society. With 1 in 68 children being identified as one the autism spectrum, odds are you know someone who will love this shirt.

Sevenly offers pieces that represent a number of different causes, so you can choose which you’d like to support: cancer, the environment, refugee care, women’s achievement, human trafficking, anti-bullying, education, clean water, and more!


The Created Co. sells these mugs with a message from one of my favorite hymns (I have it hanging on my wall!) and then donates a portion of the profits to fund clean water with charity: water. I also really love the his and hers motivational mug set.


These Desta animals from Parker Clay have a special place in my heart for a few reasons. First, they’re made in Ethiopia and are similar to some of the toys we purchased there for our kids. Not only that, but co-founder Brittany is a sweet friend of mine. She and her family moved to Ethiopia after adopting their daughter through the same agency we used to bring home Mareto. While there, they saw first hand how many vulnerable women and children ended up turning to a life of prostitution or sold into human trafficking. They founded Parker Clay because of these women – to help empower them through skill development and job creation.



As a mother, the thought of not being able to feed my children is unbearable to me. Knowing there was a time when their bellies were hungry and I couldn’t be there to fill them is a pain I will carry forever. That’s why I love the work done by Cuddle & Kind. Each print gives five meals to children in need. They also sell adorable dolls, and each doll sold gives ten meals.


Sudara is the company that created punjammies and helps women rescued from sex trafficking in India build a new life for themselves and their families. I love their work and I love these xo bracelets!

What are some of your favorite gifts that give back?

xo, Lauren

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