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A Few of My Favorite Gift Wrapping Ideas


Wrapping gifts is almost as much fun for me as shopping for them. There is something very satisfying for my organization-loving heart to have things neatly packaged and labeled. And when things can be both organized and pretty? Even better! Here are a few of my favorite ideas for gift wrap this year:

+ Yarn Pom Embellishments


I love the pop of color coupled with the black and white (or kraft) wrapping paper. A few years back I wrapped all our gifts in plain white paper and embellished them with mustard yellow yarn moms. This is a bright and cheery option! You can purchase the kit at kira kids or make your own using this tutorial.

+ Twists on Kraft Wrapping Paper


Make your own triangle trees with paint and a sharpie! Pick any color combo and then stick a coordinating yarn pom on top to finish it off! (from Splash of Something)


Paint some sweet wintery scenes on your gift wrap. Better yet, get the kids involved and let them do the painting! This would be perfect for teachers, grandparents, and aunts & uncles. (from craftberry bush)


If you’re looking for a super simple option, just paint your bows right onto the gift wrap! You could even do this with a sharpie if you are short on time, but I really love the brush stroke look. (from cakies) 

+Black Paper Packages


Grab a chalk pen and create unique and festive scene on black kraft paper. You can personalize each gift to fit the person who will be receiving it. (from issu)


Use twine and a gold pen for a simple but magical look. My kids would love drawing these little stars all over the black packages. A nativity scene would also be sweet and special on the black paper… if you have the artistic skills. (from Ashley Hacksaw)

+ Washi Tape Gift Wrap


I made the mistake of introducing my daughter to washi tape and now I can never seem to keep it on hand… she steals it for all her little projects. This DIY gift wrap would be really fun to do with her! Just grab a roll of white wrapping paper and a couple rolls of washi tape and have fun making your own designs. (from almost makes perfect)

+Vintage Cards & Photographs

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 2.22.05 PM

I love the idea of cutting out the holiday scenes on old greeting cards and adhering them to the top of brown paper packages. This is a great way to recycle last year’s left over Christmas cards, or to repurpose all those cards you receive in the mail and aren’t sure what to do with. (from hallmark)


Another simple option would be to stick photos on the tops of your gifts. Black and white images on plain white or black paper would have a bold effect. Or color photos on kraft paper would be sweet and classic. (from homey oh my)

+ Pick a Color Scheme


I love this gold and blush color scheme from the Liz Marie Blog. It’s as easy as buying a few rolls of paper in coordinating colors and finishing them off with a complimenting tie like this natural yarn and string. This year I was thinking of pale pink and navy, but of course that all depends on finding pretty paper that matches.


What about you? Do you love gift wrapping as much as I do? Or do you let them wrap your gifts at the store? Or are you more like my brother, who somehow manages to use half a roll of scotch tape on an average sized gift as he just sort of smashes the paper around it? There’s no wrong way!

xo, Lauren

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