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Rain or Shine, We Press On


Forced family fun. That’s what we called it when my siblings and I were growing up and my parents dragged us all over kingdom come to create memories. Whether we were climbing miles up a mountain to swim in a lake created by a melted glacier, or touring yet another Civil War battlefield in the pouring rain — we were going to do it together and by golly we’d like it!

There wasn’t much that deterred my parents from these family adventures, and it’s become a bit of a running joke between me and my siblings. Like the week we went camping in Gettysburg during what can only be described as a summer monsoon. Literally all the other campers packed up their tents and left within the first day or two of rain. But not us.

Never mind the fact that it was so wet we couldn’t get a fire started, everything we owned was soaked, and we had to huddle in a tent playing cards while Dad tried to cook hot dogs on the camping stove under a canopy made from a recently purchased poncho. No – the Boyer’s don’t let a little rain stop them. (I know this, because my Dad reminded us every hour.)

That mantra was drilled into me throughout my childhood – rain or shine, we press on…

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