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Mareto Behind the Lense: Photo Journal 3

If you’re fairly new here you might not know that my son, Mareto, is a four year old with an eye for beauty in his world. It started accidentally as I noticed him with my fancy DSLR camera 2 winters ago. When I stepped back to let him take pictures I was amazed at the results and touched by the unique look into how he sees the world. Now my camera is also Mareto’s camera and he knows that he can use it whenever he wants. Every so often I do a camera dump on my computer and sift through the photos. Sometimes I remember him taking specific pictures and other times they are a sweet surprise. Here are the links to the first two of his photo collections I posted, and below are the latest images from Mareto. Absolutely ordinary moments. So beautiful.

Photo Journal 1

Photo Journal 2


Drawing papers and mom in the background eating lunch. 


View from a lookout on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Moment of joy with sister.


Sister and her doll. 


Cloud dough and train track creativity. 


Little sister coming into her room. 


A small rock in the creek.


A “farm” he found sitting by the creek at the park.

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