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for a good man, on his birthday

Today is my husband’s birthday. 34 years ago a tiny preemie was born and grew into a good man. I’m so thankful each day for his life – a life that doctor’s at first didn’t think would last long, if at all. This world is better because of him. John is a lot of things and I’m sure you don’t want to read paragraphs of gushy mush about the man I love. Instead I’ll write just one paragraph and then share some of my favorite photos of John (since a  picture is worth a thousand words.)

John is kind and calm and gentle. John always thinks the best of others. John is steady and faithful and true. John forgives quickly and often. John is smart and humble. John loves others well and has a servant’s heart. John is strong in character, heart, and body. John loves his family and puts the kids and me above all other earthly duties. John is funny in a quiet, subtle way. John is sensitive and compassionate and honorable. John is one of the best men this world holds.

Happy Birthday honey. We love you. Thanks for leading our team well.








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