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Life Update

I’ve hit a bit of a road block on this blog. Maybe because I’ve got a whole bunch of other projects going right now and each include writing? Anyway, I’ve missed this place and was remembering back to a couple years ago when I updated this blog on the regular. How on earth did I blog multiple times a week? Must have been simpler times. I got to thinking that I used to share a lot more of our day to day life happenings and I haven’t done that in a looooong time so maybe it’s a good time for a “life update.” You know, for the six of you and my family members who really want to know.

We’ve been living in Lexington for ten months now, and in our new-to-us rental home for almost seven months. We love both. Time has gone by ridiculously fast, and it really seems like we just moved here. I guess that’s what happens when you hit the ground running the day after you move. But at the same time life feels very calm and peaceful… one of the greatest things about small town living!


John’s day to day is never the same. That goes for our weekends too. Emergencies are the norm and so are nights spent in barracks and out on the field and marches, runs, ect. But we make it work and John is very protective of his time with me and the kids, so we’re willing to sacrifice some time with him when a need arises. I’m so proud of him and proud to be his and just proud of everything he gives.

john ftx

The kids are growing like crazy, which is bittersweet. A part of me misses their baby/toddler days when they were all new and chubby and drooly and wobbly. But I love this new phase with two preschoolers, too. Every day they learn something new and their curiosity is just precious. They both started preschool this year for the first time. Arsema goes twice a week and Mareto goes three times a week. I was nervous about it, but it’s turned out to be the very best thing for both of them! And I now have one child out of diapers!! I’m pretty thrilled about that.





Arsema is learning so much by being in a room of her peers and her personality is growing even more (I didn’t know that was possible!) She brings home crafts almost every day and her skills are pretty awesome. Last week her school offered a free evaluation of all the children to see if any red flags came up so that early intervention services could be recommended. When the teacher came to give me the report I was both proud and relieved when she told me Arsema was well beyond her peers in every category! She’s determined and smart.


Mareto is just as determined and smart as his sister. He has been so brave about going to school, even on the days he doesn’t want to at first. His teachers have glowing reports when I pick him up every day and he is so proud to bring out new crafts and worksheets. Not only is he learning new skills at school, he’s also becoming a very good friend. Mareto is so kind and compassionate – I think these are some of his greatest qualities. My favorite story from his teachers happened a couple weeks ago. Mareto is in a small special ed class – he falls somewhere in the middle. There is another boy in his class with very severe needs (unable to walk, talk, ect). During snack the teachers were helping another child when this little boy got very upset and was screaming/crying. Mareto had one cheez it cracker left in his baggie and he took it and gave it to the little boy saying, “Here you go. It’s okay.” His new friend began munching the cracker and calmed down immediately while Mareto sat with him while the teachers finished with the other children. I think that just sums up all you need to know about Mareto. He’s incredibly sensitive and sweet. I’m so proud of him.


I’ve been enjoying my little breaks of quiet during the week. I keep plenty busy with the kids and my other projects. I still work with Created for Care and we’re gearing up for our winter 2015 retreats in Georgia! Exciting things are coming and I’m so thankful to be a part of the team of amazing women that make it happen year after year. Last month The Carry Camp launched — the dream project of myself, Wynne, Katie, and Sarah. We’re in the thick of making this ministry run and our small groups started today! Retreat planning for The Carry Camp has begun for fall of 2015! I’ve been working on writing  in the between times and have finally had time to get back to my book proposal. I found this picture today and it sums up my favorite part of anything. As much as I love doing Created for Care and The Carry Camp, coming home to my people will always be my favorite thing…


We make the most of all the family time we get. Fall in the Blue Ridge mountains is gorgeous and we’re making the most of it.





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