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More isn’t more


Three days ago we moved for the second time in three months. This was a mixed bag of feelings for me. When we moved back to Lexington we were thrilled to quickly find a home to rent out in the country… farmhouse built in the early 1900’s with a huge yard and gorgeous view. It seemed perfect and we moved in with high hopes in mid January. Unfortunately, for reasons completely out of our control, the house became uninhabitable and we began looking for a new home. The situation became unbearable last weekend, prompting us to leave very quickly. On Friday several friends came with their pick up trucks, trailers, and trunks of cars. By the end of the day we were exhausted, but almost completely out of one house and into the next.

To be honest, I love moving. I  like setting up my home and finding new ways to decorate. I love the freshness that a new space brings and being forced to organize everything and purge others. But I did not love moving with such little notice and hardly any time to pack or prepare. I did not love uprooting my kids so soon after a major life change. I do not love the way this move came about. But, friends, I am so glad to be moved! I am so happy in our new home and so relieved to know we are someplace safe and warm. An added bonus is that we live about 50 yards from friends now.

One of my favorite parts of the move was the ability to downsize. I know this goes totally against the grain of the typical American Dream type thinking/goal making. The idea is that as you get older you ought to be gaining. That line on the bar graph should be moving upward as you measure things like salary, square footage, possessions, ect. But I’ve never quite bought into that. Something about it doesn’t sit right with me as I ponder what is most important to me. (Francis Chan explains it better than I could. Watch my husbands favorite sermon illustration to use here.) We just moved from a large farmhouse on a big piece of land into a two story townhouse. Big downsize and to others it may look  like a big step backwards. But, truly, I couldn’t be happier right now.

Yesterday a friend was wondering about our move and sweetly asked if we had enough space. I didn’t really think about it as I was cheerfully responding to her question. “Oh yes! We have a little living room, a big kitchen, a dining area, a laundry room, and a half bathroom downstairs. And upstairs each of the kids has their own little bedroom, they have their own bathroom, and we have a very nice master bedroom with our own bathroom. There’s a lot of closet space throughout the house for storage, so really what more do you need?” I later thought about what I said and asked myself the same thing again. “What more do I need?” The truth is simple. Nothing. But what’s more special to me is that I don’t want anymore.

Bigger always seems better. More always seems more. But our cozy little townhouse is perfect to me. And I really believe the saying that less is more in many ways. I have my family safe and warm and happy with me every day. My husband at work doing a job he loves. We are surrounded by amazing family and friends. I have toys strewn on the living room floor and scribble art hanging on my fridge. Laundry is tumbling around in the dryer while my daughter sleeps in her crib upstairs and my son plays trains on the floor near my feet. It’s all I need and all I want.

We took the day off of moving and settling on Saturday to head down the road to Lynchburg for some Easter fun with friends. Arsema and I dyed eggs and then all the kids took part in an Easter egg hunt (Arsema’s first!)


There were eggs in plain view  on the grass right when we walked outside, but the first egg he noticed was up in the branches of this bush!


Arsema started out enjoying her basket, but quickly ditched it when she realized there was candy in each egg!





Mareto loved filling his basket and graciously shared his eggs with Arsema. Sweet brother.


Mamas rationing out the sweets! (These are the sweet friends who live on our street now!)



John loves this last photo because it captures each of their little personalities so well. I’m fairly certain Arsema is bossing someone. I love her sass.

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