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life, from his perspective: photo journal 1

Our little boy is extremely gifted and interested in some very specific things. Trains, for instance, are his bread and butter. So naturally we bought him some tracks and trains and showed him how to put it together. Now he builds makeshift tunnels under the couch and huge elaborate tracks. He also loves animals, but don’t hold  your breath waiting for us to get him any (it’s not exactly in the budget right now.) His most recent interest/talent has been taking pictures. It all started with our phones, and then the little leap pad he got for Christmas that calls out “cheese and crackers!” every time he snaps a photo with it.

One morning a couple weeks ago he got hold of my DSLR while I wasn’t in the room. I have a “NO TOUCH” policy on my camera because it’s so expensive and nice. But instead of running to grab it back from him when I saw he had it, I slowed my steps and watched for a few moments.

“Cheeeese and crackers,” he softly breathed out as he stood straight up, the camera strap secure around the back of his neck, and pressed his finger on the correct button to hear the satisfying snap of a picture being taken. Then he held the camera in front of him to examine his work on the screen before moving on to take another picture. It was adorable. So I stayed close by and let him take pictures for as long as he wanted.

When he set the camera down to walk away I rushed over to pick it up and see what pictures taken by a three year old look like. I was impressed. So now when he points to the top shelf and says, “pictures” I bring down the camera, put the strap around his little neck, and let him explore his creative side. Not only have we watched our budding photographer flourish, but we’re also getting a unique view of life from his perspective as we see what he thinks is worthy of being photographed.

Morning dancing in the kitchen.

Mama dressing sister for the day.

Sister rocking her “baby.”

View from his car window.

“mama!! say cheeeese and crackers!”

A special blanket.

Peek into his room.

A new friend at the airport.


***all of the above photos were taken by Mareto (with no assistance) and simply resized to fit this blog by me. : ) 

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