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I did it – I took a long extended break from this blog and it was awesome. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for our family as we navigated some trying weeks, and huge transition, and loads of change.

One week before Christmas my husband was offered a new job, and not just any new job, but his dream job. We were given three weeks to pack up our lives and move. Three weeks to say goodbye to friends and family, leave our church and ministry, find a new home, and prepare all our earthly belongings to be packed and loaded. Of course throwing Christmas, New Year’s, and both our birthdays (my 30th) in those three weeks (yes, all four of those events fell in those three weeks) just made it that much crazier. But, with lots of help and a lot of grace we did it.

(the view from the back deck of our new home)

We’ve been in our new home just under a month now. John has been in his new job for three weeks and still feels like he needs to pinch himself when he gets home from work. The kids and I are making new friends. I am nesting again and life is good. Busy, but good. Here’s a great recap in pictures of my husband’s first Sunday on the job!

(sending Daddy off for a special day at work)

Navigating the new blog: I’ve reformatted things to better display what I hope this place is all about … inspiration and encouragement for other women. If you hover over the “blog” tab in the menu you will find my new blog labels. Under “For the Heart” you will find posts about infertility, miscarriage, friendship, ect. Under “For the Soul” you will find more devotional type posts and spiritual thoughts/lessons. “For the Family” is where you can find my adoption related posts as well as posts about marriage, and occasional posts about my children. “For the Home” will hold posts that are all things decorating and home making. And you’ll find occasional recipes and other yummy posts under “For the Table.” And what do you think of the look? I’m in love – it feels very “me!”

Another new thing: the shop! I wanted to share some of the things that encourage and inspire our family with you. The products in the shop are special to us and therefore unique. As the weeks progress I’ll be adding more new items.  I hope you’ll check it out and maybe find something you enjoy!

Oh, and we’ve had lots of fun snow days…

What about you? How have you been? I’ve missed you!

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