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Taking a Break and Making Room

As I mentioned in this post (after confessing I started listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving this year), I am not putting any pressure on myself to blog during this strange, busy, and uncertain season for my family. It’s only been a few weeks, but I can tell you that this was such a good decision for me and, by extension, my family.

Our little family made a 16 hour trek to Illinois for Thanksgiving week to visit family. A couple of 16 hour drives provide a lot of time to talk about things we maybe haven’t been able to make time for recently. This little blog of mine came up when I mentioned how much I was loving this break. It was so wonderful to brainstorm ideas with John and really nail down some issues I’ve been having and see things a little clearer. I’d been feeling a lot like I lacked clear direction and inspiration lately. But thanks to my wonderful husband and some direct brainstorming (using Lara Casey’s 2014 powersheets) I feel like I have the beginnings of a pretty good plan.

I had been tempted to throw in the towel with this blog, but I have decided against that. Pinpointing the problem was a huge relief. You see, I’ve been feeling pulled in too many different directions and unsure what the heck I should write about. How much is too much to share? What to people want to read? Why am I blogging anyway? What’s my inspiration and the purpose of writing publicly? I had hit a wall, months ago, and found myself stuck. I dreaded opening that “create new post” tab, but felt like I had a responsibility to keep writing. Knowing the problem has been essential in figuring out the solution.

So I am continuing this break so that I step back, fully invest in other things that are more pressing in life right now, and re-evaluate how I do things here. I am making room for a new thing. I do believe I’m supposed to keep blogging, and I truly want to. But if I’m going to invest my precious time in it then it must be done well in a way that works for me, my family, and is for a purpose.

I’ll continue to take the rest of December and January off. The site will remain up so anyone can view old content, there just won’t be any new posts coming in. In February I will put an away message up on the site while I work on building a place that fulfills the purpose I want for the website. My tentative and hopeful plan is to launch the improved, re-focused, and just all around better site in March. I already have so many ideas so make this a more productive and creative space that is a joy and not a burden.

I’m grateful for all of my readers who have stuck with me through all my seasons of blogging. I hope you’ll still be here in a couple months and I appreciate your understanding!

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