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More on More People, Less Stuff & The End

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve failed at writing for 31 straight days on one topic. It’s day 29 and I’ve skipped a whole week’s worth of posts in this series. But, oddly enough, I don’t feel like a failure and I don’t feel like this endeavor has been a failure. In fact, I think it’s been more successful than I could have hoped at the onset.

A couple weeks ago I posted the lessons I’d been learning through writing this series. Last week I posted the greatest lesson I’d learned and that’s when the posts stopped coming. As I sat down at my computer this morning to tap out a post I realized the reason I don’t feel like a failure and the reason I stopped posting last week are the same: through writing this series for however many days I wrote (not 31!!) I found what I was supposed to learn. Less stuff, more people.

The past week has been spent living that out and finding so many opportunities to invest more in people while ridding ourselves of the “stuff” that bogs us down.

Less time on the computer, more time snuggling my children. 

Less time worrying about my to-do list, more time listening to a friend. 

Less time collecting my fancy shopping list, more time buying groceries for the homeless man on the corner. 

Less time picking up all the toys, more coffee dates with my husband. 

Less time folding laundry, more time giving away my husband’s clothes. (He was a willing participant FYI!!)

Less time blogging, more time writing get well & thank you cards. 

Less stuff, more people. That’s what I was supposed to learn for the in-between time. And so, friends, the series will close with this post. I don’t believe I need to keep writing for the next two days or make up for the days I missed.  I feel good about where this series took me and I’m thankful that as I type this I know you, my friends and readers, won’t mind a bit that it didn’t last for 31 whole days.

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