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What Should I Wear In-Between? (a word from my husband)

       My husband surprised me with this guest post yesterday. I’m so grateful, too, because it’s been a rough week and I’ve had trouble writing through my heavy heart. I’m touched by John’s words here, even though I do think he’s exaggerated my handling of things a bit. I suppose husband’s are allowed to do that from time to time. Please read his words, and comment below. 

     “What should I wear?”  This is a familiar question around our house.  Lauren asks it, I ask it, we ask it about the kids.  And, we ask because it’s an important question for a number of reasons: weather, comfortableness, style, colors, occasion, just to name a few.  If I wear shorts when it is in the 50s, I might expect to be a bit uncomfortable.  Or if I tell Lauren that the party we are going to is rather formal, only to find everyone else in jeans upon arrival, then there could be some awkwardness.  At this point, I’ll risk saying that in general, the question is asked more often by women rather than men.  But, that certainly doesn’t trivialize or negate its importance.

And the only reason I even bring it up is to brag on my wife a little.

Ever since Lauren started this “31 Days of In-Between,” I have been impressed with her attitude and perspective on life.  Yes, life in-between is hard.  Yes, the future is rather uncertain, but she isn’t overly worried about the future.  She has been faithful to me, to our kids, to our home, to ministry, and to God.  Why?  How?  I think my wife knows what to wear in-between.

            Lauren can rejoice in, and even laugh at the time to come because strength and dignity are her clothing.  She does not worry about the future or fret over the in-between because she is covered in power and honor.  This isn’t something she already has inside her, but something she puts on which is especially appropriate for the occasion and the climate of our in-between life.  And they are incredibly beautiful and attractive clothes.  After all, who enjoys someone that puts on anxiety and stress when they find out they’ve been invited to an in-between time in life?  Obviously, the answer is nobody.

So, where does Lauren buy these attractive clothes?  Are they expensive?  The clothes are available from only one place and they are exceeding expensive.  These are not normal clothes that you can just buy anywhere.  This is not worldly strength and dignity which can waiver or fluctuate based on life circumstances like; it is supernaturally consistent.  No credit card limit or money in all your savings could ever come close to the amount required for these clothes, for they are of infinite value and beauty.  No, these clothes were purchased for her.  Not with money, but with blood.  They were purchased by Jesus Christ on the cross, and given to Lauren as part of her ever expanding and increasingly beautiful spiritual wardrobe.  All she does is get the clothes out of the wardrobe and put them on.  And lately, she’s been wearing strength and honor.

What does that mean?  It means that she sees possibility of tomorrow’s troubles and uncertainties, and lifts her head to look her Almighty God and then laughs at Satan’s error in trying to turn her attention away from Christ.  She takes the clothes off the hanger and adorns herself with the strength and honor that God supplies just like “the holy women who hoped in God used to adorn themselves” (1 Peter 3:5).  Verses 3 and 4 tell us where this coming from:

            This is Lauren’s state of heart.  She does not fear the future.  Like the woman of Proverbs 31, she laughs in the future’s face because of the “imperishable beauty of [her] gentle and quiet spirit” which is deeply rooted in the strength and dignity that God supplies right now in-between.

So, the next time you are in-between, or if you are experiencing in-between life at this very moment, run to the wardrobe Christ purchased for you on the cross.  Pull out strength and honor, clothe yourself with them, and then face the in-between with laughter and rejoicing knowing that your heart is adorned with the imperishable beauty found only in Christ.  Because, one day, your tomorrow will turn into seeing Jesus face to face where there will finally be no more in-between.  Until then, keeping on asking Him, “what should I wear?”

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