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Living In-Between – We’re Halfway Through!

It’s the 16th and we’re officially halfway done with this whole 31 day writing challenge! I guess I won’t give up now… it’s  all down hill from here, right? Today I want to share some things I’ve learned about myself and living in-between through writing about it the last couple weeks…

  • It’s hard, but good. Hard doesn’t always equal bad. Some of the best things in life come through struggle. Just because something is uncomfortable or difficult doesn’t mean it’s wrong.
  • There’s a difference between active and passive waiting. This season has been one of active waiting and, while still hard, it helps to be involved in the process. (More on that tomorrow!)
  • The in-between times can be some of the busiest. While there isn’t one big new thing to do right now, there are about a hundred little things that need to be done.
  • Rest and reflection are so very important. Taking time out each day for myself to just sit and rest has helped my attitude immensely.
  • Being content and present in the ordinary moments right now is a gift. I’m enjoying my home and my children even more these days.
  • Potty training is hard and stinky.
  • God is so very active in our lives even when we don’t see it.
  • Life is actually made up of mostly in-between seasons, when we rush through them we rush through life. Slow down. Enjoy the journey.

What about you? Have you been learning anything through this series or through writing your own? Thanks for sticking with me through it!!

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