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Sick Of Living In-Between

I’ve been staring at this screen for about 15 minutes now. I’ll just be honest and say that I am so very sick of this “In-Between” topic now. Why did I think I could write 31 whole posts about it? I have a notebook sitting next to me with a list of post ideas, all relating to living “in-between” but I just don’t want to write any of them. I’m a wee bit over it. The most appealing thing to me about the 31 days series was the challenge of writing every single day this month. What tripped me up was trying to pick a topic and since we’re living in a very in-between phase of life right now I figured it wouldn’t be hard to write about it for 31 days. I was wrong. I wish I’d chosen “31 days of writing” so I could have just participated in the blogging every day part, but not be tied to one topic. Too late now I suppose, especially since we’re about halfway through.

Is anyone else feeling this way about their 31 days series, or is it just me? I do feel like I’m learning more about myself and this idea of living in-between, so it has been fruitful, but I’m over it. So I suppose the point of today’s post is that I’m sick of the in-between… on this blog and a little bit in real life too. Thanks for hanging in there with me through it!!

(This picture has nothing to do with anything in this post. I just love it.)

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