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Making Little Choices in the In-Between


So much of life involves big decisions — choices that will make a fairly big splash in your day to day living. But even more, we are faced with a thousand tiny choices that, when you add them all up, really do make a bigger impact then we might expect. I’m working on paying attention to those decisions, too… and hopefully choosing well.

Yesterday was one of those days. Mareto had been up from 1:30am-6am the night before. The morning was crazy and hectic as we all tried to get ready and out the door for ladies Bible Study. We were all just a bit cranky and tired and (let’s be honest) sick of each other. After Bible Study was the typical Friday lunch rush… get the kids home, get some food in all the bellies, and get everyone down for a nap before it’s too late in the afternoon. The kids went down, John went back to work, and I had a choice to make.

Usually nap time is when I get most of my housework and blogging done. It’s quiet and can work quickly when there aren’t little people who need me. But yesterday I was tired and cranky and over it. It was a dark and rainy day outside and I didn’t feel up to tackling the to-do list. I thought about it for a millisecond and decided to do nothing. So for a little over an hour all I did was lay on the couch and watch Netflix. And it was the right choice. When the kids woke up I was still tired, but no longer cranky and on edge.

When John got home from work we ran out the door to get a pumpkin and then off to a taco night/ pumpkin carving party with some of our best friends. The kids played until late into the night and we laughed and talked and carved and ate and enjoyed a night “off.” John had a lot of work to do… I had writing that needed to get done… but we made a choice to set it aside. It was the right choice.

I think those little choices in-between the bigger choices are really more important than we realize. This morning John is finishing his work while I made muffins and played with the kids (who slept great last night.) Now I’m getting to the blog with a sweet little toddler sitting on my lap and doodling on the paper, her hands, and my hands. And I know that I don’t always make the right decisions, but feel pretty content knowing that this time I did.

PS – I don’t regret not blogging yesterday. Not one bit. I guess that means this is now the 30 days of living in-between series. And I’m good with that.

PPS – This whole blogging every single day thing is way harder than I thought! Especially when it has to be on the same topic!

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