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Don’t Hurry Past the In-Between Moments

Today I felt convicted to do a little less hurrying and a lot more abiding… to notice the ones in need around me… to slow down and enjoy serving. The needy people in my world today (as in most days) were my little people. Needy toddlers who just want more mommy time. So today I gave a little more and worried about the to-do list a little less. I lingered in the in-between moments and realized once again just how amazingly beautiful they really are. Today my in-betweens looked like…

Snuggling on the couch with Arsema, her blanket, her bottle, and four of her stuffed animals… for almost an hour.

Playing trains with Mareto until he wanted to do something else.

Singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and “Jesus Loves Me” about 40 times.

Tickling tiny bellies and giving raspberries every time I changed a diaper.

Donuts for breakfast on a rainy Thursday.

Reading books, watching Sesame Street, and getting excited about Elmo over and over and over and over…

Watching the rain out the window and pointing out all the trucks (especially fire trucks) that drove by.

Lighting a pumpkin candle and making Potato Leek Soup for supper.

Holding hands to pray… and then praying again… and then again… and then again because as soon as we say “Amen” Mareto says, “Pray?!”

Having dance parties in the kitchen, and bedroom, and on the couches.

Snuggling and rocking Arsema long after she fell asleep in my arms.

I’m so thankful for these every day ordinary in-between moments. I need to be reminded to slow down more often. These will pass by so quickly and in their place will be new, equally wonderful in-between moments… but I know I’ll miss these ones and I wish I hadn’t hurried past them on a mission to complete a list. So here’s to doing nothing but enjoying the in-between today. It was lovely.

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