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Scripture for the In-Between

I remember sitting in my ladies Bible Study a year ago as I tearfully shared that I had been praying every day for wisdom, and while I knew scripture promises that God gives wisdom to those who ask, I hadn’t been seeing the fruit of that prayer. I didn’t feel any wiser. Mareto had recently been diagnosed with autism and I suddenly felt like a completely inadequate mother. I din’t know how to communicate with him, I didn’t know how to stop the melt downs, I didn’t know how to best help him learn, succeed, and feel secure.

It’s now a year later and I can see that God very much answered all those desperate pleas for wisdom. I know feel equipped (most days) to be an “autism mom” and I have learned the ins and outs of how to parent Mareto. I see the fruit now and I see that God was granting wisdom at the time… but I couldn’t see it then.

I’ve found that often we don’t see what God is doing during the in-between. But just because we do not see or feel his presence or activity in our lives, does not mean it doesn’t exist. The Bible is filled to the brim with wonderful verses to encourage us during the waiting season, but sometimes they just don’t feel like our reality. Let me so say you (as well as to myself) that even if these verses don’t feel like our reality, someday we will look back on these seasons and see the hand of God and realize that He was strengthening us and shaping us during the wait.

Do you have go-to verses for your in-between seasons? What helps you strengthen your faith in the wait?


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