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Living My Days in the “In-Between”

Living “in between” is a lot about transitions and moving from one thing to another. You’re not quite fully in the phase you used to be, but yet not quite in the next thing. It’s a wee bit fitting that I’m writing, and living through this phase during Autumn… an “in between” season.

Yesterday we took the kids to Williamsburg for the day. As I was setting out clothes for them and trying to figure out my own outfit I did what I always do: check the weather page. What I found was extremely frustrating. It was cool at the time, but would get hot for about 2 hours right in the middle of the day, and then gradually cool down and be quite chilly by the time we left in the evening. “Ugh! What are we supposed to wear?!” I wanted just a regular fall day. A  day that stayed at 65 for the entire time. Not a day that fluctuated between 60 and 80 degrees depending on it’s mood! (And yes, yes I know layers are perfect for this weather. But I don’t love layers. I want to put on one thing and have it work all day long.)

Anyway, that’s a lot like what living in between feels like for me. I don’t want to be fluctuating back and forth between things. I don’t want to have one foot in the door and one foot not sure if it’s going or staying. So in the past, in these types of phases, I’ve tended to pause. To not do anything and just wait for it to pass. But, as many wise people before me have said, how you live your days is how you live your life.  I have no idea how many days these “in between” seasons will last but I do know one thing: I don’t want to live my life on the pause button. So I’ve come to the decision that I must keep moving forward and doing the next right thing. Even if I can’t envision the whole canvas, I just need to pick up the brush and start painting.

In the spirit of not sitting out on life while we’re in this in between place, I’m getting up off the proverbial couch and launching a new thing today! Today I’ll be releasing my very first monthly newsletter! It may seem like a small thing, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and just haven’t. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to sign up today! I’ll be sending the newsletter out at noon (EST).

What can you look forward to when you receive your “hello!” from Lauren newsletter? I’m so glad you asked! Each month will include a devotional thought and encouragement from scripture, a sneak peak of what’s coming up on the blog, special deals and freebies that won’t be available to anyone else, and a first head’s up about any giveaways coming up and any guest posting opportunities! So hurry and sign up today!

Releasing my newsletter is the first step in being intentional about living my days well in this “in between” season of life. As I move forward with this 31 days series you can expect to find all kinds of posts… parenting, organizing, spiritual, ect. I just want you to know that ahead of time. This is simply me writing through this season intentionally and since I wear a lot of hats there will be a wide range of posts throughout!

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