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My Little Boy is Three

My little boy turned three yesterday and I hardly even know what to say about it. I’ll be honest and tell you that I couldn’t imagine this day when he first came home. He was such a little guy at first. I would see pictures on friends facebook walls of their toddler aged and school aged kids and I just couldn’t fathom Mareto ever being one of them. He was my baby.

But since I can’t control time he has grown to a beautiful, happy, hilarious little boy. Three years old. So much happened in his third year of life. So much good and so much hard.

Mareto became a big brother since his last birthday and it’s been indescribable joy watching him grow into that role. One day Arsema will know what a thing it is for her that Mareto’s her brother. One day she’ll know she got the best out of all of them.

But most of all Mareto has continued to bring us more joy than we ever imagined possible. The morning (and middle of the night) snuggles, the kisses, the giggles, the adventures, the playing, the wonder of watching him experience the world… it’s all a part of this amazing thing called motherhood and it’s an honor to experience it first with Mareto.

Words can’t describe our love for him… it’s nearly too much for my heart to contain. We are grateful, so very grateful for the gift of his life and the abundance it has added to ours.

(^^yesterday morning when he woke up a 3 year old)

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