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Sometimes I have the pleasure of sharing my thoughts other places than this little blog of mine. It’s always an honor to be asked. Here are some other places I’ve been sharing lately: 


Life and Grace — sharing for Sarah’s series “Heart Lessons for Hard Things.” I’m talking about chronic illness and my battle with endometriosis… and God’s grace in the midst of it all. Click here to read “Meeting God in the Stillness.”

The Sparrow Fund — I’m sharing a post written a few months ago. The story of when God prompted a young lady to give me a bouquet of flowers on a particularly hard day. Click here to read “When God Sent me Flowers.”

Gloriously Ruined — I’m sharing for Wynne’s “Anybody Story” series. Wynne shares stories of different “world changers” and how their lives have intersected with other’s to make a difference. It was a joy to share about our children and how, truly, they are the world changers… not us. Click here to read my Anybody Story.


Of course there are LOTS more goodies on the internet than just my simple words. Here are some posts I’ve been enjoying lately, and I hope you will too! 


Life Lessons by Sarah at Life and Grace. She wrote this after watching Ashton Kutcher’s acceptance speech at the teen choice awards (which was pretty great btw)… and I love her thoughts. People matter. Yes.

Making Room for Elephants by Mary Evelyn at What Do You Do, Dear?  Mary Evelyn shared this as a guest post on Blessed By Brenna, and I love the way she shares her thoughts about life with her sweet son Simeon who happens to have Spina Bifida and uses a wheel chair. If you don’t know Mary Evelyn then you need to get acquainted. Today.

See Beautiful New Families by MY MOM at Training Toby. My mom blogs about her dog, Toby, mostly. Sometimes she blogs about nature, wild life, and of course Mareto and Arsema. Here she’s hosting an amazing giveaway to help bring awareness to three families adopting from the DRC!

Don’t Give Up. On Community by Jami Nato (plus two friends) at the Natos. I love Jami. I wish she was my friend in real life, but I settle for having met and hugged a few of her real life friends (hi, Emily! hi, Erica and Jeff!). The thing I love about Jami is she’s funny, sassy, authentic, but actually quite gentle and sweet when you get down to it. The best word I can think of to describe her blog? Genuine. Anyway, she’s kicking off this really cool project with two friends and I can’t wait to be a part of it in a few weeks!!

Rice and Bean Casserole with Guacamole by Jenna at Eat Live Run. Okay so this one’s actually a recipe, but it’s SO good! I pinned it last week, then actually made it (unlike half the things I pin) and then instantly wanted to make it every night for dinner! It’s delicious and healthy. We’re having it for dinner again tonight, as a matter of fact! You’re welcome.


Enjoy your time hopping around the internet!! I’m off to enjoy a lovely fall day!! 



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