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First Day of School… sort of

In our area today is the first day of school for most kids. I loved the first day of school growing up … maybe not the subsequent days so much … but I always enjoyed the first day. New clothes, new shoes, new backpack, fresh start, new teacher, new school supplies, blank pages, and no bad grades (yet).

This morning as Mareto headed off to speech therapy with John I watched a school bus come pick up some kids a few doors down. I don’t have any little ones getting on a bus and likely won’t for at least a year. BUT our church does provide an amazing moms day out program once a week and it started back up today!

I changed and dressed Arsema and decided to give her a fun hairdo for her first day back at moms day out. Then I made two little sandwiches, cut in half, and packed them with goldfish and raisins. Next up was matching his and hers Monsters, Inc. sippy cups and it all went in the diaper bag. I snapped a few “first day of school” pictures, all the while realizing that too soon from now we’ll be doing it for real!

and then we had a wardrobe change because the shorts wouldn’t stay up even after 2 safety pins… so a ruffly skirt it is!

And the only thing I can think of to say about this last picture is YOU ARE WELCOME!! As I was snapping pictures she leaned in for a big kiss and I caught it on camera. I about died laughing. Imagine the loud “mmmwaah!!” sound she was making at the same time. Amazing. If this doesn’t brighten your day then nothing will!

Hope all your littles are having a wonderful first day of school and come home with stories of new friends, loads of fun, and lots of learning!!

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