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Williamsburg in July

I don’t know what Arsema was laughing at and Mareto was desperately trying to escape, but I was determined to get a picture with my children on this tree trunk!

Dads are perfect for horse play. Whether it’s tossing babies in the air…

…or spinning toddlers around until they’re too dizzy to walk straight.

Mareto found a patch of ivy that he just had to sit in. We couldn’t stop him. Really. He was desperate to get nestled in and just hang out for awhile. So we let him.

¬†Arsema saw a squirrel and made this face. So glad I caught it on camera… can’t stop laughing.

And somewhere along the way Daddy caught this moment. We’re a very kissy family. I love that Mareto will randomly stop everything and ask for “a tich?” … and get up on his tippy toes for a smooch. He melts me.

Colonial Williamsburg is only about an hour’s drive for us, so we take the kids there fairly often throughout the year. It’s one of their favorite outings and we always have a great time. Last month we took the long, scenic route which includes a ferry ride. Arsema loved watching the seagulls chase the boat and Mareto just likes boats and water in general.

Usually I’m the one behind the camera, which means I’m rarely in the pictures. This time John grabbed it from me for awhile so it was a treat to look through the pictures later and find some with me and the kids.

Some of the things we love about Williamsburg?

  1. Animals. This is by far Mareto’s favorite thing about our trips. There are plenty of horses to watch and pet as well as several yards with sheep, goats, and even pigs.
  2. Wide open spaces. The colonial area is restricted to motor vehicles so we can let the kids run and play in the grass and streets without worrying about cars.
  3. Cannons. Mareto loves playing with the cannons near the old courthouse.
  4. Costumes. It’s lots of fun to see so many people wandering around in period costumes.
  5. Music. We never know when the pipe band is going to come marching through and the kids are delighted when they do!
  6. Ice cream. We always stop to get some in the summer.
  7. Yankee Candle Factory. Before we head home we stop there to watch the clock show (giant mice come out of a clock tower to sing a song about time), and see the “snow” in the Christmas section. We also get the kids a lollipop each for the drive home.

It’s such a fun all day outing for very little money. What are your favorite family outings?

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