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dreaming together / leaping together

I have friends who I love and admire so much. It’s good to have people in our lives who inspire us, encourage us, and motivate us to do better and be better. This isn’t a comparison thing – it’s an iron sharpening iron thing. One of these women for me is Wynne. John called her my girl crush the other day and I was all ruffled and perplexed about that comment until he explained that it just meant that she was a girl I look up to, admire, and kind of want to be like. So I responded with, “oh! well then, yes, she’s my girl crush!” I think he had to call me out on it because I talk about her all. the. time.

One of the things about Wynne that I find so much encouragement from is the way she loves her husband. They are true teammates and are very intentional about putting their marriage first and loving each other well. One of the things they do is dream together. Wynne has shared with me about times they’ve gotten away together (even if it’s just for an hour or so) and spoken words of affirmation into each other. They’ve looked into one another’s faces and told the other where they’re gifted and how wonderfully they’re using they’re gifts and then dream up ways they can do even more. I love that so much.

Life hasn’t afforded a lot of opportunities for John and I to escape together much lately. With the children, thesis projects, therapy, doctor’s appointments, and some recent (and very hard) struggles for Mareto we just haven’t been able to get away. Last weekend I sent up a flare in the form of a desperate text message to my parents. “Can you please take the children for a few hours this evening?? John and I need to get away together!” They, of course, responded yes and we had three blissful hours together alone and out of the house.

So what did we do? We reconnected and we took some time to dream together. We sat at a table in a restaurant and just talked about us. I made it a point not to bring up therapy or autism or surgeries or any of the hard things the children have been dealing with. We talked about our own hopes and dreams and what they might look like in our lives. Not surprisingly it came up. My hope of writing and publishing a book.

It sometimes just feels like a pipe dream,” I whispered over coffee. I went on to explain that this is one of my greatest dreams but also full of so many fears. What if I don’t have enough to say? What if I’m not a good enough writer? What if every publisher on the planet rejects me? John took that opportunity to speak words of life into me.

I read these words Rebekah Lyons book Freefall to Fly and knew it was directly speaking into my situation…

“It’s knowing who you are. And more important, knowing Whose you are. It’s using your gifts for the rescue of others and not living in fear. And then affirming these truths to the loved ones in your midst.”

      Sometimes others see our gifts more clearly than we do. Sometimes we can’t see ourselves the way we ought to and we need those who love us to speak truth into us. Sometimes it just takes a little hope, encouragement, and love for us to gain the strength to take that first leap into the unknown.

So here I am. Working on my book proposal. Pray for me?

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