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to lead a simple life

True confession time. The Dick Van Dyke show is my guilty pleasure. I’ve also been known to love The Andy Griffith Show, and a whole variety of movies from the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s (early 60’s please). I like the way I can just drink a cup of tea and relax while I escape into a simpler time. I love that Laura Petrie’s house is always so clean and tidy (I have a feeling she had a cleaning lady) and her best friend just happens to live next door with a son the same age as hers. They’re always in each others kitchens having coffee and chatting after the men go to work and the boys go to school. Laura is always dressed classy, whether it’s in a dress or pants and a blouse. She’s usually smiling and supportive of Rob (her husband). They have a happy and simple marriage. There are rarely any big problems and everything gets resolved at the end of the 20 minute episode. Delightful.

Life just isn’t that simple in the year 2013. To be honest, I’m not sure it was really quite that that simple back in 1963, but it’s television… so they can make it what they want. One thing’s for sure, they didn’t have facebook, twitter, blogs, iPhones, cell phones, instagram, pinterest, email, skype, and the one thousand and six extras that we seem to try to shove into every day life. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy social media and there are times that I enjoy having a lot going on. But usually I feel a bit worn down with a mind racing to keep up. I’m just not so sure I want to live my life feeling frazzled and overwhelmed.

These days I’m longing for Mayberry and the peace, rest, and simplicity that came with it. I wonder what life would really like if we stopped trying to keep up, took a deep breath, and got back to basics. Loving God, loving family, loving others, serving where you’re called.

With the world wide web and all our new gadgets it’s tempting to try to be everything to everyone everywhere all the time. Impossible. I’m calling it what it is — crazy — and taking some time this week to figure out how I can get back to basics. Join me in the comments section… what are the areas in your life that could use some scaling back?

And because I love you, here’s a free printable to hang in your kitchen, living room, office, bedroom… or wherever you need the reminder. Simply right click and save to your computer then print it off!


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