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Welcome to Old Virginny

Today I’m linking up with the Influence Network to share about my home state… Virginia. While I spent my early years growing up in sunny California, I consider Virginia my home now that I’ve lived here over half my life. I’ve lived in a few different parts of the state over the years… northern (near D.C.), the mountains, and currently we make our home at the beach.

I’m not sure which is my favorite… the beach or the mountains. Both can be breathtaking in any kind of weather. A storm rolling in over the blue ridge is something the behold, but so it watching the clouds and rain travel across the ocean toward the coast. On a bright summer day there’s almost nothing better than a day at the beach… but then there are picnics off a trail in the Shenandoah and that’s pretty heavenly too.

I’ve got a touch of wanderlust in me and I tend to feel restless after staying in the same place for awhile. I like to move, to start over fresh, to make a new home… but I think if we were to ever leave Virginia I would miss it quite a bit.

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