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a new hat and the launch of the Created for Care blog!!

When I was younger I went through several phases of ambitions. There was that time after I met Sally Ride that I wanted to be an astronaut (but seriously, who didn’t want to be an astronaut at some point??) For awhile there my sister and I both would daydream about going to the Olympics. We couldn’t decide whether we wanted to be Olympic swimmers, gymnasts, or figure skaters… but we knew we wanted to win the gold! And on it went…

Somewhere along the line, those entirely unrealistic goals faded away and were replaced by newer dreams. God’s taken me along a funny path with lots of twists and turns and bends in the road. There is no one thing that I can offer to people when they ask what I do with my days so I usually just tell them I stay home with my children. You see, I wear a lot of hats. I’m a wife, a mother, a pastor’s wife, a Bible Study teacher, a writer, and an adoption/orphan advocate. This weekend I considered it an honor when a new hat was given to me…

The “PR Mama” for Created for Care, as founder Andrea Young calls me. (best title ever!) It all started with a simple request for me to spruce up the old C4C blog, but then it was decided that starting over fresh and launching a brand new blog was a better idea. Once I got into designing the new blog all my creative juices got flowing and I hesitantly shared my ideas and vision for the blog with Andrea. I didn’t want to come off as presumptuous but I was floored when Andrea and the rest of the C4C team got back to me with an enthusiastic YES!!

You see, I had no idea that this was one of their greatest needs! I didn’t know that Angie had been making a list of the needs that had to be filled immediately and this was at the top of her list. I had no idea that they had been praying for someone who could facilitate the blog and the other social networking sites. I knew none of this when I cautiously offered my ideas and services. So when I was met with a resounding chorus of “yes, please!!!!” I knew it was a God thing.

One of my main duties as the PR Mama is facilitating the new blog which launches TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are so many exciting things coming with this blog, and we want you to be a part of it! If you are an adoptive mother, a foster mother, (in the waiting stages or already home) or involved in orphan care then we want to hear from you!! Please head on over to the blog to see how you can get involved! While you’re at it, go ahead and follow Created for Care on facebook and twitter, too!

This is a ministry I so believe in. You may remember that I attended my first retreat in the winter of 2012 and that just this past January and March I was honored to lead a breakout session for precious mamas who went through/ are going through infertility and loss on their path to adoption. It is a blessing to join the Created for Care team and continue to serve in an area in which I am so passionate.

I hope you’ll head over to check out the new blog and get to know the heart behind Created for Care! Stay on the lookout for more updates and information about the 2014 retreats!!

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