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when you want less quantity and more quality

Last weekend we drove out of the city, through the tunnel, over the bridge, away from the ocean, and up into the mountains. We were visiting our beautiful old stomping grounds… Lexington, Virginia. It’s about a four hour drive for us and it was a gorgeous day. The kids were safely tucked into their car seats behind us. We could hear the light snores coming from Arsema and the quiet giggles of Mareto playing his favorite games. We started dreaming.


John had finally graduated from seminary the previous weekend and it had us feeling on the brink of something new. Plans have been set aside while we worked to just finish this one task set before us… but now it’s complete. We started talking about things we’d like to do in five years, ten years, and then the maybe/hopefully/wouldn’t-it-be-crazy-if-we-did-that hopes for when the kids are grown.

Some of our goals seem realistic and doable. Others seem big and scary and give me that rush of adrenaline that comes with excited nerves.  It came up quickly… my book. The one that’s been rolling around in my head and my heart ever since that day I dared to dream it up last year. Talking it through one thing became clear — now is the time.

So much of my time is going to be spent working hard on a book proposal, doing research, fine tuning queries, polishing up chapters, and nervously submitting them to agents and publishers. It won’t happen overnight and I may get a hundred rejections, but I’ll be doing something I love to do. I’ll be writing and sharing the vulnerable parts of my heart.

That brings me to this space — this blog. It’s been a little neglected over the last couple months. I’ve felt pressure to post regularly and nothing kills my creativity and inspiration quite like feeling as though I just have to come up with something to post… then doing so and realizing it’s just fluff to fill the space. Quantity.

I’ve been craving more quality — more of  what I love about writing in the first place… the stories of heartbreak, victory, faith, redemption, grace, and love. As someone who loves to just write and share beautiful things it gets a bit exhausting to try to maintain a blog in this internet world. One popular blog will tell you to write a post a day at least to keep your readership growing. I remember the days when I just wrote when I felt inspired and truly loved blogging. I want to get back to those days.

So there may be a little less quantity here, but hopefully you’ll begin to find more quality in what you’re reading. In light of all of this I felt the need to change this space up a bit and clear out some of the clutter. You can still find everything here that was before, it’s just moved around some to create some breathing room.

I want the focus of this blog to be the content — not the ads or links to other social networking sites. I still have links to some of my best friends — in real life and the internet. I still have links to some affiliates and to my facebook page and so on… you’ll find it all in the footer (the verrrrry bottom of the site… just keep scrolling down.) The menu items are up at the tippy top and my social network links are up there too.

I hope you still find this the encouraging and uplifting place I want it to be. I hope that if you can’t find something you’ll let me know. Most of all I hope you keep reading, because I’m going to keep writing.

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