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so proud, so relieved

Maybe you already knew this, or maybe you didn’t … but the last four years have been full of hard work for our family. My husband started seminary in August of 2009. Then we decided to start the adoption process that fall and Mareto came home in February 2010. All the while John was studying Greek,  hermeneutics, and Old Testament, Church History, and a lot of other stuff that was a bit over my head. In October 2011 we decided to just keep riding the crazy train and started the process to adopt again. Around that time John also decided to get two master’s degrees instead of just one while he was in seminary. He finished up his theology degree in May 2012 and a couple weeks later a little girl was born on the other side of the world. It was then that he started the course work for his master’s in education. Mareto was diagnosed with autism in September 2012 and Arsema came home in October. Last weekend John walked across a stage not one, but three times. Once for his divinity degree, once for his education degree, and once for the school-wide official graduation. Each time I clapped my little hands off and felt a bit more of the weight come off my shoulders.

He has worked so hard… we all have. It hasn’t been easy and there have been a lot of tears (mostly mine), late nights (for all of us), all nighters (mostly his), and lot of prayer. We’re still a little in awe that this part of the journey is complete. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time to see what God might have in store for us next. I’m not expecting easy, but I am expecting marvelous.

(Just before the divinity commissioning ceremony. John and I on the left, and John with Rod, our associate pastor, on the right. )

(It’s blurry – but that’s John at the front of the chapel receiving his hood for the divinity degree.)

(John with his very proud parents on the left, and our little family on the right.)

(John with my parents on the left after his education commissioning and hooding ceremony – us on the left laughing because some man just walked right in front of the camera suuuuper slow and totally oblivious. haha)

(The full commencement ceremony was outdoors on Saturday morning. It was in the 50’s and raining and was all together very uncomfortable. I sat near a very nice family who had an extra blanket I wrapped myself in, but John and I were both soaking wet and freezing nearly 4 hours later when we got home. I did get prime seating and was able to be right on the isle when the graduates started the processional. John snuck in a quick kiss as he walked by. 😉 )

And now we will hopefully be able to breathe a little easier and enjoy our summer with the kids before the next big thing… whatever that may be.

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