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just a little bird

Life moves fast these days and so do all the worries and cares that come with being an adult. With John’s graduation from seminary coming up soon (and student loan payments kicking in), surgeries for Arsema this summer, changing treatments and ongoing therapy for Mareto it’s been easy to look at the coming days with some concern and maybe even a little bit of fear. How is this all going to look six months from now? Will we ever sleep again? What will Arsema’s recovery look like? Oh boy, I’m dreading sitting in that waiting room again at the children’s hospital…. How are we going to swing things financially? How will our lives change and how will Mareto react to those changes? The list goes on… 

A few weeks ago John and I were discussing many of these concerns at our kitchen table. We were feeling a bit overwhelmed about it all  when we looked out the window and saw a little bird perched on the top of Mareto’s play set in the backyard. Immediately a passage in Matthew chapter 6 came to both our minds. We looked at each other and smiled and shifted our conversation to the comfort and peace that comes with knowing that God loves us even more than the birds in the air… so if he feeds them and shelters them and provides for them — what cause do we have for worry?

Over the weeks since that first sighting we have seen that same little bird several times and he usually pops up in our view when we’re talking about our future or some other concern. We’ll be in the middle of a conversation and glance out the window and there he is – sitting on the fence post – hopping through the grass – resting on the play set – or even nestled in the branches of the tree right outside the window above the kitchen sink.

Little reminders from God – that he sees us, he hears our conversations, he knows our thoughts, he understands our hopes, and he has a plan. After all, not one sparrow falls without him seeing and caring.

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