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Dear Southwest Flight Attendant

(this image has nothing to do with the post — just a view from our morning) 

Dear Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant,

You made my flight home from Created For Care delightful. You clearly enjoy your job! Your ready smile, homemade bedazzled “Southwest” apron, and your fun manner was so refreshing. Who knew the safety brief and the landing brief could be funny? I usually tune that part out and look out the window, but your ad lib made me (and several other passengers) laugh through the whole thing. A few of my favorite lines of yours…

“Today we will be serving warm beer, cheap wine, and flat sodas.”

“You’re in luck today ladies and gentlemen! If you are unhappy with the service we provide here on Southwest there are six exits on this airplane.”

“We are not expecting a loss in cabin pressure — if we were we would have stayed home today.”

“Those of you who are traveling with children — I’m sorry. Just kidding — please put your oxygen mask on before you help them with theirs.”

And my favorite of the whole day — after we landed: “Ladies and gentlemen the airplane is still moving so keep your tushy in the cushy!!” 

Thanks for putting a smile on my face and making the flight such an enjoyable experience! I hope I get to travel on one of your planes again!!


A very amused passenger 😉


Public Service Announcement:

This will be the last Open Letter Link Up for awhile. I decided to try it for a month and it’s been really fun, but also requires more planning than I have time for most weeks. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and you can still feel free to write your open letters on Fridays and share them with me in the comments section!!

**My linky tools subscription expired and I’m not paying to continue it and I’m too lazy this morning to find a new linky tool SOOOO  share your link in the comments section!**

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