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Stitch Fix Numero 4

I got my fourth Stitch Fix box in the mail yesterday! If you don’t know about Stitch Fix then let me just make your world and happier and easier place…

1. Sign up! There’s a small waiting list but most people I know have only had to wait a couple weeks to be able to order their first fix.

2. Fill out your sizing and style profile – include a link to your style pinterest board if you have one!

3. Schedule your first fix!!!

You’ll receive a box with five items in it. Usually one accessory (unless you request all clothing like me) and four pieces to try on. This time I got three blouses, a pair of jeans, and a maxi dress. Keep whatever you want and sign in to your account to pay for the items… send back what you don’t want in an included pre-paid envelope — no charge to you at all! Super easy, super fun!!

Here’s what was in my fix this time:

Carlita Cotton Crochet Top (pink) by Mystree

Bilson Pleat Detail Tabsleeve Blouse (floral) by Daniel Rainn

Dafne Chevron Maxi Dress (navy) by Olive and Oak

Charlie Star Print Cropped Skinny Jeans by Kensie

Tavin Laser Cut Detail Tank Top (mint) by TCEC

The dress didn’t fit right – it was too big in some places and too small in others. The jeans fit me absolutely perfectly. I wasn’t a huge fan of the stars, but they fit me so well that I would have kept them anyway if not for the big rips in the thigh area. Not super classy. The Laser cut tank was one of those high in front/ low in back hemlines that I don’t love on me. I did love the color, but not the style. I kept the crochet top and the floral blouse…

Top: Stitch Fix || Jeans: Target || Shoes: Blow Fish

Top: Stitch Fix || Skinny Jeans: Target || Ballet Flats: Target

A  lot of people have asked me about prices and so I’m going to give you the scoop (and how it is that I can afford this). When you sign up for Stitch Fix you will also fill out your price range when you create your style profile. For every single category I select “as cheap as possible.” You can have higher price ranges if you can swing it, but I want to pay the least amount possible. The items in my fixes range from $78 – $38. Most of the blouses, though, are $58.

So how can I afford this? Through Stitch Fix’s amazing affiliate program. When you sign up with Stitch Fix you get a “referrers code” meaning that for each person who signs up using your link you get a $25 credit in your account to go toward your fixes. So many of you have used my link that I have a decent balance in my account. That mint blazer I posted about in my second fix? I paid $8 for it. The two tops I just got? Free. So if you sign up, please use my link! But then you get your own special code and you can tell all your friends about it and get credit toward your fixes too!! Friends helping friends.:)

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