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Dear husband, sorry for stealing all your clothes… (link up!)

Dear Firmoo,

Thank you so much for sending me a pair of your glasses to free to review here on my site. It was especially fun for me because I don’t wear prescription glasses – so seeing what I look like in a pair of “trendy” frames was a lot of fun. So my honest take – since you asked – is that the frames are comfortable and cute. The pair I chose are light weight and didn’t pinch or give me a headache. I love that you have so many to choose from on your site and that I could upload a picture of myself and “try on” a bunch of frames before I chose which ones to order. The only thing I didn’t super love is that the glass was somewhat hard to see clearly through. Because my frames were “fashion” and not prescription it just dulled everything rather than enhanced. Those who order prescription glasses from you won’t have that problem. But it’s not such a big deal because I can just stick them on top of my head on those days that I throw my hair up in a pony tail or top knot. My all time favorite thing about your company is that you offer the first pair of frames FREE to customers. I’m all about a good deal so this is awesome! So yes – I definitely recommend your company to my glasses wearing friends! Thank you for the opportunity to review your product!


a happy reviewer

and sort of related (ish)…..

Dear John,

Thank you for letting me steal your clothes all the time. I don’t know why but I love wearing your shirts (see above). Raiding your side of the closet to add to my wardrobe is just one of the many perks of being married to you. I know you say you hate it when I steal your pajama pants and comfy socks and tees… but I think you really love it. No matter how many pairs of cute pajamas you buy me I will still take yours. And no matter how many pairs of cute socks with fun designs you buy my I will still wear your socks at night. I know it doesn’t make any sense to you so I’ll try to explain — your clothes are about ten thousand times more comfortable than mine! Your pajamas are just softer and nice and loose and cozy. Your socks are thicker and loose and comfy. And when I wear your shirts (dressed girlier by wearing them with skinny jeans and a bow in my hair of course) I feel closer to you. It reminds me of college when you would leave me a sweatshirt of yours before you went back to VMI. I could smell your cologne and I would wear that thing to death. I still missed you like crazy but somehow you didn’t seem so far away. You might have thought that once we were married I wouldn’t need to take your shirts anymore but you thought wrong. I still want to feel close to you even when you’re right next door at church or five minutes away at school. I like sharing every single part of our lives… even your clothes. So now you know.


your clothes stealing wife


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