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my second stitch fix + fashion shoot with the kiddos

Friday brought me some happy mail! I got an email from Stitch Fix earlier in the week telling me they had shipped my second box of goodies. I checked the tracking number on Friday after lunch and saw that it was out for delivery — I checked the porch about every ten minutes after that! 😉 It finally came and I couldn’t wait to open it up and see what my stylist had chosen for me this time! If you haven’t signed up yet do it today! So. Much. FUN!

This time I asked for all tops, some stripes, chambray, and a blazer if possible. I had fun doing a little photo shoot with John taking the pictures and the kids all playing around my feet and photo bombing like crazy. I am super awkward with things like this so the kids help make it fun and loose!

First up, the Natural Life Corinna Striped Dolman Top

This top fit me perfectly and I like the stripes, but I didn’t love the color or the style. I’m not a big fan of the dolman fit on me and the color was more rust than pink. So this one goes back.

Next up is the RD Style Sage Striped Sleeveless Sweater Vest

I really wanted to love this. My husband’s exact words were, “you look hot in that! you sure you don’t wanna keep it?” haha I like the colors but I’m not an enormous fan of the high in front/low in back hemline. Also it’s a sweater vest but I’d more likely wear it as a tank and I definitely don’t want sweater material when it’s hot enough to wear a tank. But it fit great and I did like it. I just didn’t love it — so not a keeper.

Then comes the Frenzil Hi-Lo Jersey Loose Tee

I loved the colors, the stripes, and the material of this top. But the high in front/low in back is what really frustrated me. I almost didn’t try it on. But then I did and liked it but  still didn’t love the style. Then I tried it on again and took pictures in it and now I’m super torn. Every time I put it on I like it even more. It’s realllly comfy too. What do you think? Keep or not?

For the chambray request they sent me a Kut From The Kloth Daumier Dot Cotton Chambray Blouse

I was disappointed in this one because I’ve seen this same shirt at Target. I like it. It’s cute. But it’s not the chambray I had in mind and it’s about $30 more expensive than the Target top. If I wanted this shirt I’d just go to Target. So this is getting sent back.

I saved my favorite for last — the blazer. They sent me a Very J Doreen French Terry Blazer in mint green.

Swoon. Seriously I adore this! It’s exactly what I wanted. I didn’t have a color in mind but this one is perfect on me. I love that it’s casual enough to pair with jeans but also nice enough to go with a dress or skirt. I also love the hidden detail when you roll the cuffs up — pink striped prettiness! This one is a keeper!!!

So I’ve been sent two Stitch Fix boxes so far and I have been so happy with everything they’ve sent! The clothes all fit me well and I’ve had great selections to choose from. Seriously loving this!!! Clothes aren’t super important but they are fun and girly and I’m all about that!

You can find my first Stitch Fix post here and then you can go sign up to get your first fix here!

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