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because of love

 washing dishes                folding laundry               changing diapers                  making beds             cooking dinner

running errands              typing blog posts                   snuggles on the couch                   finding nemo for the 30th time

alphabet puzzles                    answering emails                    outlining thoughts for speaking engagements

time with friends                date nights                 paperwork                     therapy             doctor’s appointments

more laundry               more dishes                   trips to the playground                   blogging again                more emails

tax returns                late nights            writing  letters              sending cards             bible study              couch talk

grab another cup of coffee                  dreaming                          scheming                              praying

   more snuggles

more giggles                 more smiles

more love

more love 

more love 

more love

>>When I asked myself why I do everything I do in every day of my life – I  know the answer is love. And I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. So many people to love and just enough time in the day to show it…

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