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Dear Children, I promise…

Your lives have brought mine more joy, love, peace, contentment, meaning, hope, purpose, and delight than I ever thought was possible. You may never fully understand the depth of my love for you. But I promise to spend my life trying to help you know.

I will always try to speak in gentle and loving tones. I will try to never yell or speak to you in anger.

When I mess up I promise to always tell you that mommy made a bad choice and I will ask your forgiveness.

I promise to cuddle you and snuggle with you more than you may want.

I promise that your tears will always matter and nothing will be too small for my attention and comfort.

I promise to kiss every boo-boo and wipe away your tears.

I promise to care about the things you care about.

I promise to encourage your dreams and help you find your path.

I promise to hear your voice. Always.

I promise to say yes more than I say no.

I promise to let you be unique and special – to never try to make you into my idea of who you should be.

I promise to point you to Jesus.

I promise to show you the amazing wonders of God’s creation – that you may understand the greatness of the one who made the Grand Canyon and who made you.

I promise to kiss you and hug you even when you’re older and embarrassed by it. You’ll never doubt how much I love you.

I promise to love and respect your Daddy. I promise to never leave him.

I promise to hear your thoughts and stories and questions.

I promise to always try to guide you the way Christ guides me. Gently.

I promise to believe the best of you.

I promise to explore with you – your creativity, your world, your imagination.

I promise that your heart will always be more important to me than a set of “rules.”

I promise that I care more about our relationship and connection than I do about your “behavior.”

I promise to laugh with you – never at your expense.

I promise to be silly with you.

I promise to sing and dance with you.

I promise to respect you and only speak well of you – even when you’re not around.

I promise to smile more than I frown.

I promise that I will make mistakes because mommy sins too. But I promise to always ask your forgiveness. (That one bears repeating)

I promise to be here always – any time of day or night – when you’re 5 or 55 – any time you need or want me. I will never leave you until it’s time for me to wait for you in heaven.

I promise all of this and so much more that’s in my heart and hasn’t found the words.

… and that verse is mommy’s parenting motto. Just so you know.

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