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Getting my fix!

Have you ever heard of Stitch Fix? If not – today is your happy day!!! Stitch Fix is awesome for those of us who don’t have a lot of time to go shopping and searching for just what we need. So many times I’ve had something on my list – a pattern cardigan, a pencil skirt, colored skinnies – and I’ve gone to all my usual places (Target, Old Navy, Consignment stores) and come home empty handed because I couldn’t find what I needed. Or worse – I found what I was looking for but it didn’t fit right or didn’t come in my size at all. So then I’ve wasted precious time that I’ll never get back.

Enter Stitch Fix. When you sign up for an account you fill out a questionnaire with information about your size, body type, personal style, and all sorts of preferences. You can even include a link to your fashion pinterest board! You pay $20 for the styling fee (which you get back when your first fix arrives). Then a personal stylist will go over all your information and look at your board to get a feel for your style. They’ll select about 5 items and ship them to you in a super cute box…

You try it all on and pick what you want to keep. The $20 you paid at sign up goes toward whatever you decide goes in your wardrobe!! Anything you don’t want goes into a prepaid envelope they include for you (!!!) and you just drop it off at the nearest USPS box! Super easy and super fun!!

I got my first fix this weekend and was sooo excited to find that the stylist assigned to me really nailed it the first go around! I tried everything on and with a little help from my husband I chose two items to keep.

This blue tab sleeved blouse is perfect for me! It’s flowy and long which I love, and the color really compliments my skin tone and hair color. It’s really comfortable and versatile. I wore it to my mom’s retirement party on Friday with my favorite skinny jeans and black riding boots. For church this morning I paired it with black skinnies and leopard print flats. The lightweight fabric means I’ll be able to wear it all year round (just tuck it into a skirt or wear it with shorts in warmer weather). This will be a staple for me for sure!

The other item I chose to keep it this color block dress. It fits me so perfectly! It’s fun and different from anything else I have. I like that it can be dressy for a nicer event or fancy date, but it can also be casual by wearing it with a cardi, flats, or flip flops. Again – works in cold or warm weather. Put a blazer over it for business casual. Bam. John loved it and I can’t wait to wear it out on a date with him!

These were the rejects. So sad.:(I thought the dress on the left was really pretty and it was made from the silkiest fabric. But it was SUPER short and the nice fabric meant it didn’t look right with leggings or skinny jeans. I could have worn colored tights with it, but it was still too short for my comfort zone. The top was too loose and the whole thing just didn’t fit me right. Pretty though! The sweater wasn’t me at all. The fabric was itchy and the fit was frumpy. It was too short for my torso but too wide at the same time. Odd. I did love the color. You can’t see it here but it was cream with bits of gold fabric woven through – really pretty! Also included (but not pictured) was a pair of metal circle stud earrings. I thought they were really interesting but John said it looked like I had wrapped tin foil around thumbtacks and stuck them in my ears. haha Soooo… that was a no!

The other really cool thing they do is include a styling card with each item! It shows different ideas of how to wear that piece of clothing. I love being able to make several different outfits with one article of clothing so this is right up my alley!!

Go ahead and sign up today just to see how you like it! I as so pleasantly surprised!! If you sign up using the links in this post or in my sidebar I get a $25 credit in my account. But the awesome thing for YOU is that when you sign up you’ll also get a referrers code and you can start sending people their way and get your own $25 credited to your account! Let’s help each other out shall we? 😉

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