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First up… the kitchen (because we all know that’s the most important place in the house anyway!)

Our kitchen is the perfect size for us. There’s great storage space and a few years ago I painted the cabinets and walls making it bright and happy! We eat all our meals in the “breakfast nook” unless we have company (which isn’t often.)

This is our almost-never-ever-used dining room. The table is often the place for collecting mail and other odds and ends. Mareto bounces his balls in here multiple times a day. When company comes we eat here.

Our family room is rarely used as well and that’s why it always looks so clean and organized! 😉 We sit in here when the kids are in bed.

This is the most used room in the house. It holds most of the kids’ toys, our TV, and has a super sturdy coffee table. Someday I’d like to rip up the carpet and put down wood floors (much more spill-friendly) and get leather couches (again – kid friendly)… but that’s not in the budget anytime soon!

Down the hall on the right is the kids’ bathroom. It’s nothing fancy – just sink, toilet, tub (where all the fun happens) and a cute elephant shower curtain.

Since we’re on bathrooms – this is the master bath. I just re-did it over the summer as a surprise to John while he was away for a week. My favorite is the ruffle shower curtain. Mareto’s favorite is the vanity — he hides under the sink a lot.

Across the hall from the kids’ bathroom is Arsema’s room. I just finished it this weekend and it’s my favorite room in the whole house now. So very fun having a girl!

Mareto likes to spend time with Arsema in her crib when she wakes up from her naps. I think it’s the sweetest thing ever.

At the end of the hall is Mareto’s room. His trampoline helps him calm down when he’s overwhelmed (and gets a lot of energy out.) He sleeps in his rocking chair most nights because it’s comforting to him.

Mareto’s little toddler bed is so cute in my opinion. His tiger is his favorite thing – a gift from my brother a year or so ago. His chevron weighted blanket was a gift from a special friend and fellow adoptive family. It helps him stay asleep. Soon we’ll be getting Mareto a special bed that has a “womb effect.” It will be enclosed and make him feel more secure so he doesn’t feel the need to go sleep in his chair.

And across from Mareto’s room is our bedroom. Our peaceful haven that remains mostly toy-free (one sneaks in every so often) and a space for me to work, read my Bible, and enjoy coffee during nap time. Our bed frame/head board was passed down from my parents and my work desk was passed down from John’s grandma.

There ya have it!! Our happy little living space. It’s the perfect size for us and we’ve made it our home. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing about how I (try to) keep it clean and organized!

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