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simple grocery shopping + recipes

Grocery shopping as a mama can be really difficult. It’s even more difficult when you have an infant and a two year old with autism. To be honest, it’s impossible for me to do. I have to either have someone come with me to push another cart or carry a child, or I have to go alone without kids. We decided the latter works best and is the most possible right now.

I go shopping on Tuesdays. Usually it’s Tuesday morning after speech therapy. John does school work from home while Arsema naps and Mareto watches a movie. I am very lucky that our grocery store is less than 5 minutes away so I can leave and return in less than an hour. I plan ahead so I can move quickly through the store.

I have a list ready in advance and on that list is everything we’ll need for the week – not just food. I include paper items, diapers, wipes, formula, dish soap, toiletries and anything else we need. My grocery list is made in advance and I put things in order of the layout of the store. I start in produce (the right side of our store) and work my way to the other side as I check items off the list.

right click to save the list template.:)

I buy generic brand of pretty much everything. I look for sales and use coupons when I find them. We don’t have lots of snack food around the house (which helps keep us thin!) and we don’t drink much soda. I make cookies twice a week but other than that we don’t have dessert.  I shop for only the ingredients we need for our weekly meal plan plus juice, cereal, crackers, and a few things for Mareto. (I’ll go into what he eats in another post!) All of this keeps our groceries within budget and helps keep things simple.

As promised, here are our recipes:

Simply right-click each recipe and save to your computer if you’d like to print it out. You can also pin anything from my site at any time!:)

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