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final lap of my twenties

Today I’m rounding the corner and starting the final lap of the second decade of my life. Today I turn 29 years old and begin the last year of my twenties. Turning 30 doesn’t scare or upset me… it doesn’t seem old to me and I’m actually looking forward to it a bit. But this birthday has me feeling a bit nostalgic and reflective.

I want to finish well. It all goes so fast. Just yesterday I was walking my college campus, getting pizza every Tuesday with my friends, and celebrating my 20th birthday. My twenties have held a lot of life for me and I have few, if any, regrets. But there’s just one year left and I don’t want to waste it by looking forward too much to a new decade or kicking back and relaxing too much in my final lap. God has blessed me with much in my twenties and I want to spend the last year of them serving him with the very gifts he’s given me.

I’m been given much and I plan to spend this year as a steward of God’s love and grace… and I plan to enjoy the gifts he’s given me. My husband, my children, my friends, my family, my story… and my new fuzzy slippers.

Praying this year I will be a good and faithful servant…

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