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keeping it simple – exciting new series!!

I had so much fun doing our adoption series for the month of November and it turns out you all loved it too! The whole series thing was scary for me at the beginning – a whole month writing about the same topic… yikes. But it was wonderful and really helped me become a better and more intentional writer.

A couple weeks ago I asked my facebook “fans” (I use that term verrrrry loosely and only because that’s what facebook calls it) anyway, I asked you all what you wanted to hear from me about more. I got such an awesome list of ideas and questions. Several seemed to go along with the same theme of “how do you do everything you do?”

First of all, there may be a misconception out there that I have it all together. Let me be the first to say that I sure don’t! But life has seemed to throw a lot of things at us all at once which has resulted in a very busy season for me. Given that I do not want to be committed to a mental asylum before I turn 30 I’ve made very deliberate steps to help simplify my life as much as possible so that I can “do it all.”

Keep in mind that my “all” is not, and should not be, your “all.” You may have a lot more on your plate and that may be just where God wants you. Or you may find yourself in a season of rest with not so much going on… and that’s wonderful too. We women have got to get better at not comparing ourselves and our lives. God has a very different plan for each of us and they’re all equally beautiful and worthy. I love Jessi’s thoughts about this.

The new series was born out of a desire to share more of my life here, and to hopefully offer encouragement (and perhaps a bit of laughter.) For the month of January I’ll be posting about how I do my day-to-day. I’ll share my views on friendship, our decisions in time spent in the ministry, parenting, how I do meal planning and shopping, how I get ready for my day, tips to stay connected to your spouse, how and why I make sure to spend time with the Lord, how I manage blogging, speaking, and social media, my home space with decorating ideas, cleaning and organizing tips, and so much more! There will also be a giveaway or two thrown in as well as a guest or two.

I hope you’ll come back in January to join us, to be encouraged, and to even offer your own helpful tips and perspectives in the comments! Thank you all for being a part of this community and for blessing my life so deeply.

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