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Adoption Series Recap — Thank You!

It’s December and that means November, and National Adoption Month is over. It was so much fun to dedicate my blog to adoption last month – the series was really special to write, and you all had such an amazing response! I want to give extra thanks to those special guests who shared their stories and perspectives with us: Andrea, Amber, Lovelyn, and my wonderful husband John. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

In case you missed any of the posts you can get caught up by browsing through the whole list below:

Being Rescued

Worth the Wait

He Makes Beautiful Things by Andrea

Hearts Blown Open by Foster Care

Why Open Adoption? by Amber

Let’s Talk Money: How to Pay for an Adoption (most popular post of the series!)

Adoptable Quotes + guest post at Journey to Josie… Our Story of Redemption

Where Are The Men? by John Casper

Adopting Special Needs

Stuff People Say to Adoptive Families

Our Family Puzzle by Lovelyn

Doing a month long series, with every single post being about the same topic was something brand new for me! It was a lot of fun and I’m so glad I went for it! Now that the series is over I have some other posts to share that I’ve been sitting on for a bit. Coming up this month I’ll be sharing more about the vision/direction this blog is going, some thoughts on how we do Christmas in our home, and some really exciting/scary ways that the Lord is stretching my faith. Come back on Monday for a giveaway of one of my favorite new things!! 😉

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