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Let’s talk money: how to pay for an adoption

One of the greatest concerns for families who are considering adoption is the financial cost. One of the most common phrases I hear is, “We would love to adopt, but it’s just so expensive that there’s no way we could afford it!” I understand this sentiment – adoption really is expensive! But today I’d like to dispel the belief that you must make six figures a year, have an enormous inheritance, or win the lottery to adopt. Regular families making modest incomes can adopt too, and if you’re reading this you likely fall into that category.

I wrote a post here in 2012 that had a few tips for fundraising and it got so much attention I decided to write a short book about funding adoptions. My book goes into far more detail than my post did with a lot more information and ideas!

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In under three years time we have saved and raised over $60,000 to bring our two children home. If I had looked at that amount as whole three years ago I would have been frozen in my tracks and thought it was impossible. It seems so unattainable! But it’s not! With a lot of hard work, perseverance, creativity, faith, and the love and generosity of others… it’s POSSIBLE!!!



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