Big brother

One of the most popular questions since we’ve returned home has been, “what does Mareto think of his new little sister?”

The short answer… he loves her! He thinks she’s the greatest thing since veggie tales. 

Mareto has always been a very affectionate little boy. He loves to snuggle and hug and he especially loves to give kisses. When John takes him into the nursery during church he goes around trying to kiss all the children there. When he meets a new little person he bends down, usually pats them on the back, and then leans in for a kiss. He has yet to have an issue with another child. He is always happy to have a friend. BUT he’s also been the only child in our lives for the last 19 months, so we weren’t sure how he would react to suddenly having another child at home. He exceeded our hopes by so much!

When I first walked out of the gate into their arms in the airport Mareto gave me a huge hug and looked down to see Arsema. He let out a giggle and then gave her a big kiss right on the mouth. Then he touched her hair and her face and gave her about 5 more kisses and giggled the whole time. He was thrilled!

Home has been interesting only because he loves her SO much. He wants to be right next to her all the time, so if we are holding her and stand up to go get something he grabs our hand or clothing to pull us back down. He fusses at our door when we put her down for a nap or the night because he wants to be with her. And he can’t stop kissing her! All the time he just touches her hair and kisses her. It’s pretty cute.

What does she think of him? She smiles a lot. And stares at him with wide eyes. I think they’re going to be buds. Two very special babes brought together by God’s grace alone. We are so blessed and I can’t believe how beautiful our children are.

  • Jill Samter - So beautiful! The amazing grace of our God! Lovely and praying for all of you as you continue through the transition from three to four! Hugs!ReplyCancel

  • heather cloudt - Seeing all the pictures of your family finally together makes my heart jump for joy! You are so blessed with some beautiful children – may they always love each as much as they do now! Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Kristen - I think this is the cutest post ever. Oh my goodness. They are both just bundles of adorableness.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - Beautiful! Just Beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • debbie - Congratulations on your new little one!! Children are a blessing from God and thank you for sharing your story of God’s blessings in your life!ReplyCancel

  • Amy - Can you email these photos Lauren? Please? So I can save them…thanks! Love MomReplyCancel

  • Robin - I love all the pictures. How wonderful to see Mareto loving on his little sister:)ReplyCancel

  • Barbie - There is nothing like the love between siblings. I am thrilled to hear things are going so well!ReplyCancel

  • Jamie - Thank you for sharing your life and your faith! I really enjoy reading about your journey.


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