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Well I leave tomorrow to go get our girl!! I just wanted to write a quick note to remind our local peeps that when we return home we’ll be “cocooning” with Arsema. I don’t have enough time to go into detail again so I direct you to 2 posts I hope you’ll read.

This post is from my friend Nicole and she does a lovely job explaining WHY adoptive parents need to do this.

This post is one I wrote for a friend’s blog series about cocooning and attachment. It’s all about what we did with Mareto. This one is important for you to read because we’ll be doing the same thing with Arsema.

Another great source of information is this site: Check it out!!

**How can you support us when we first come home? Please pray for us, send encouraging notes/messages. Consider bringing a meal. I will be super jet lagged, John isn’t the most gifted man in the kitchen (no offense honey it’s true though!) and we’ll be getting adjusted to having a new baby in the house.:)

Alrighty — next post will be home with our new baby girl!!! 😀


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